Housed in a 225 year-old farmhouse, the studio is a non-traditional recording and multi-media production environment designed to allow artists the freedom to develop and grow their work. We take a holistic approach to creation. Passion, energy and flow are as much a focus as other aspects of development and recording.

The core of the studio is a vintage Amek Recall 56RN analog recording console. Full analog production is available with our Mara/MCI JH-24 two-inch 24 track reel-to-reel recorder and a Studer B67 1/4-inch half track for mixdown. Hybrid analog/digital or full digital production is facilitated with two UAD Apollo X16s providing 32 channels of I/O. See our website for a full gear list.

All of our work is project based. The studio is not available for hourly or session rental.

View the equipment list.

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